Eligibility & Payment Details

Prior to issuing an Education ProtectorSM insurance policy, applicants must:
  1. be a high school junior or a high school senior, 
  2. have received a Verbal Offer  that is registered with a national scouting agency and,
  3. be under age 21,  prior to issuing a policy.  
Tuition reimbursement benefits payable under Education ProtectorSM are paid directly to the   Insured student-athlete upon proof of payment of Tuition or to the Institution of Higher Learning, upon receipt of an assignment of benefits from the   Insured. Education ProtectorSM is designed to provide families with funds so their child can still pursue higher education in the event of a covered Injury which results in a Letter of Intent not being signed or a never being offered for the Insured’s sport listed on the Education ProtectorSM application by the NLI Final Signing Date.  The coverage is not limited to attendance at a specific school.   Benefit amounts will be equal to the lesser of, 1) the actual Tuition incurred by and charged to the Insured by the school where the Insured student-athlete is enrolled or 2) the dollar amount value of the Tuition at the school with the largest Verbal Offer extended, but the student-athlete retains the option of attending his/her school of choice. If a student-athlete withdraws from school while under the policy benefit period, benefits will apply upon re-enrollment, provided he/she resumes and completes his/her education within the six year benefit period, and benefit limits have not been exhausted.  
Education ProtectorSM is a single-premium, non-renewable insurance policy.  Coverage for this policy terminates on the earliest of:
  1. Twelve (12) months from the policy effective date  for high school seniors and twenty four (24) months for high school juniors; 
  2. The date the Insured student-athlete signs a Letter of Intent from an Institution of Higher Learning for an athletic scholarship or grant; or
  3. The NLI Final Signing Date pertaining to the Insured student-athlete and his or her sport listed on their Education ProtectorSM application.  


Key Features & Benefits

$200,000 Tuition Benefit Payment

Reimbursement Benefit is equal to the most valuable Verbal Offer (based on Tuition) up to $50,000 per year or $200,000, over a six year period if he/she suffers a covered Injury due to an accident which results in the Insured student-athlete’s inability to participate in the sport  listed in their Education ProtectorSM application that is subject to the Verbal Offer, between the policy effective date and the sooner of the student-athlete’s signing of a Letter of Intent and  the NLI Final Signing Date.

Flexible Application and Timeline

The reimbursement benefit amount can be applied to an unlimited number of Higher Learning Institutions, (e.g, undergraduate, associate or vocational degree/certificate). Benefits are payable over six consecutive years from the date of expected enrollment up to the benefit maximum.