About Education Protector Insurance

A college education outweighs the success found in athletic competition. In working with many former college and professional athletes, the Education Protector group identified a void in the college recruiting process that may jeopardize the future of high-school student-athletes and their families. With Tuition at an all-time high and rising, the cost of a college education is beyond the means of many families. If a student-athlete suffers a covered Injury and is unable to play the collegiate sport for which he/she was extended a scholarship or grant, he/she may be unable to pursue higher education.

In recognizing the potential financial burden placed on many families, the Education Protector group created a unique insurance solution specifically designed for high school student-athletes who have received a verbal athletic NCAA scholarship offer. This program provides Tuition reimbursement coverage to student-athletes who have received a Verbal Offer and have purchased an Education Protector insurance policy. During the policy period, (1) if a student-athlete is injured (2) unable to play the collegiate sport for which he/she was extended a Verbal Offer as a result of a covered Injury, and (3) the Insured student- athlete has not signed a Letter of Intent or has not received any Letters of Intent for the Insured’s sport listed on his/her Education Protector application by the NLI Final Signing Date, then Education Protector insurance will provide benefit amounts that will be equal to the lesser of, 1) the actual Tuition incurred by and charged to the Insured by the school where the Insured student-athlete is enrolled or 2) the dollar amount value of the Tuition at the school with the largest Verbal Offer extended, up to $50,000 per year for up to a total of $200,000, payable over a period of six consecutive years, but the student-athlete retains the option of attending his/her school of choice.

Education ProtectorSM is an affordable insurance protection plan for student-athletes should they become unable to play the collegiate sport for which they were made a Verbal Offer as a result of a covered Injury. This insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of student-athletes. The first insurance product of its kind to be offered in the United States, this program provides coverage for the window of time between the policy effective date and the sooner of the student-athlete’s signing of a Letter of Intent and the NLI (National Letter of Intent) Final Signing Date. Education Protector provides Tuition reimbursement benefits in the event of a covered loss of those athletic scholarships and grants due to a covered Injury.

We strive to provide insurance protection for our young student-athletes by ensuring that they receive the education that will ultimately fuel their future.